On Thursday May 4th CSIRO US hosted "Team Australia", expats and partners in San Francisco. 575 Market St, otherwise known […]

Photo features CSIRO Staff:  Larry Marshall, Jim Henderson, James Deverell, Skye Richmond, Marcus Zipper, Claire Manson, Kirsten Rose, Jon Whittle […]

A once-in-a-decade report from CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, identifies seven global megatrends that hold the key to the challenges […]

Press Release: A new agreement between Australia and the United States will see greater international research collaboration in areas related […]

Hydrogen membrane

Like CSIRO, the US National Science Foundation (NSF) has fuelled discoveries and innovations, which have improved lives. By supporting both […]

A view from above - sea and land

CSIRO recently partnered with SingularityU on #AFUTUREBYDESIGN webinar with keynote speakers Dr Alex Held and Justin Leonard sharing their research and how their science is making an impact across the globe.

Chris Shipley

Chris Shipley is a technology analyst, entrepreneur, convener, photographer, and writer. On the heels of the release of her latest book The Adaptation Advantage, Chris sits down with CSIRO US's own Executive Vice President Susan Lucas-Conwell to discuss her experience as an innovator and disrupter turned journalist and a writer, and her outlook on adaptive companies of the future.

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Introducing our Leaders in Innovation - Global Pioneers interview series. We're excited to share another interview series with exceptional people outside of CSIRO, who are contributing to progress worldwide and across industries.

Susan Lucas-Conwell

Susan launched and continues to lead, CSIRO's North American enterprise, connecting innovators throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada with Australia. Check out the video!