Composite image showing Sydney Harbour bridge joining on to Golden Gate bridge.

Meet Nicole M. Forrester, the Director of Intergovernmental & Philanthropic Partnerships for CSIRO. An Australian diplomat, industry adviser, international non-profit CEO, and Indigenous community advocate, Nicole's passion is to help Australia, the U.S., and the Asia-Pacific countries work together with public policy programs and initiatives.

A neon 'Change' sign

Silicon Valley has long been the wellspring of innovation. While its culture and investment models have been embraced around the world, the “Valley” has held on to its reputation for creating industry ‘firsts’. Corporations and countries, including Australia, tap into this wellspring by establishing Innovation Hubs and Research Centers in Silicon Valley.

Connected vity

Air quality, traffic congestion, and safety are just a few of the factors that determine our quality of life. AoT is an example of how IoT can provide data to help to guide policies and investments to transform ‘smart cities’ into ‘healthy neighborhoods.’

Close up of part of a circuit board.

Once worthy of headlines, cybersecurity breaches have become so routine that only the most egregious are reported by the media.

Man standing in field.

Agriculture is in its fourth wave of innovation and disrupting what farming, agriculture ecosystems, and supply chains look like. Where will digital agriculture see the most initial adoption?

Digital Health

The digitization of patient health records has and will continue to be a game-changer. Patients today have wider access to a set of health and wellness solutions they can personalize to their unique needs.


We are supporting not-for-profit global health organisation PATH in their rotavirus vaccine development project, benefiting communities globally.

Bowel Cancer

A new, more sensitive blood test for post-surgical bowel cancer recurrence, developed by CSIRO scientists, has been launched in the US.


New technology created at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory will survey the Great Barrier Reef with help from CSIRO’s National Marine Facility in more detail than ever before, providing valuable information that will help scientists mitigate against change.