Areas of Research

Find out more about CSIRO Areas of Research.

We are Australia’s national science organisation and one of the largest and most diverse scientific research organisations in the world. Our research focuses on the biggest challenges facing the nation. We also manage national research infrastructure and collections.

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CSIRO has a long and successful history in the space sector from radio astronomy research, managing complex facilities and observing Earth from above to supporting data and manufacturing supply chains.

From our broad range of collections down to specific case studies on animals, plants and ecosystems, we’re studying a range of animals and plants to better understand, protect and strengthen the world’s rich biodiversity.

From our oceans and coasts, landscapes and inland waters, to our atmosphere and climate, CSIRO research is helping to maintain the integrity of our environments and ensure our natural resources are used sustainably.

Our diverse food and farming research ranges from studying the make-up of our crops and animals to the methods and food processing technologies we develop to produce healthier, safer and more sustainable food.

We’re working to prevent illnesses, develop a better understanding of diseases, and improve treatment and recovery in a range of medical conditions to help people live healthier lives.

From smartphone apps and robotics to wearable technology and next gen wireless, we’re providing innovative information technology solutions that are helping to secure the world’s digital future.

Mining and manufacturing that is innovative, productive, competitive and sustainable is vital to the globe’s current and future prosperity.

Australia’s growth and way of life is underpinned by access to affordable and sustainable energy sources.