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We have signed a three-year partnership with SVG Ventures-THRIVE, establishing a robust pipeline of Australian FoodTech and AgTech early stage startup.

Dr Cara Doherty and Dr Xavier Mulet discuss MOFs design

In our second installment of interviews with CSIRO Scientists and Leaders in Innovation, Megan Crocker chats with Materials for Energy and the Environment’s team leader Xavier Mulet to discuss Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs), CO2 capture, and the applications of their cutting edge work.


Open innovation was coined by Henry Chesbrough in his book “Open Innovation: The new imperative for creating and profiting from technology,” in which he discusses three forms of innovation: user innovation, cumulative and distributed.

A view from above - sea and land

Petabytes of decades-long Earth observation data are now available globally, and efficiently extracting usable information for decision making can be a challenge. Data cubes address this challenge by linking the highest quality image datasets to powerful computational and analytics systems.

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Our researchers sat down with CompositesWorld, a leading US publisher providing news and information on what’s happening in fiber-reinforced composites manufacturing, to talk about the next generation of carbon fiber.


With the world on lockdown, the team at CSIRO US are using this opportunity to catch up with some of our favorite CSIRO scientists all around the world.

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Meet Nicole M. Forrester, the Director of Intergovernmental & Philanthropic Partnerships for CSIRO. An Australian diplomat, industry adviser, international non-profit CEO, and Indigenous community advocate, Nicole's passion is to help Australia, the U.S., and the Asia-Pacific countries work together with public policy programs and initiatives.

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Silicon Valley has long been the wellspring of innovation. While its culture and investment models have been embraced around the world, the “Valley” has held on to its reputation for creating industry ‘firsts’. Corporations and countries, including Australia, tap into this wellspring by establishing Innovation Hubs and Research Centers in Silicon Valley.

Connected vity

Air quality, traffic congestion, and safety are just a few of the factors that determine our quality of life. AoT is an example of how IoT can provide data to help to guide policies and investments to transform ‘smart cities’ into ‘healthy neighborhoods.’