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Introducing our Leaders in Innovation - Global Pioneers interview series. We're excited to share another interview series with exceptional people outside of CSIRO, who are contributing to progress worldwide and across industries.

Susan Lucas-Conwell

Susan launched and continues to lead, CSIRO's North American enterprise, connecting innovators throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada with Australia. Check out the video!

Wildfires in California

Together with SingularityU, we sat down with two of our research scientists, Dr Alex Held and Justin Leonard who shared how their technology is solving world-scale challenges like wildfires.

Map of wildfires in California

CSIRO’s data and digital specialist arm, Data61, developed SPARK, an open framework which combines our current knowledge of fire behaviour with state-of-the-art simulation science to produce predictions, statistics and visualisations of bushfire spread.

Fruit fly

RapidAIM is helping to revolutionize pest monitoring around the globe and we were pleased to meet CEO and co-founder, Nancy Schellhorn to find out more about this exciting innovation. 

Pam Melroy

Check out the next video in our Leaders in Innovation Series featuring Pam Melroy.

The VITAL ventilator. Image: NASA

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the life of every person on the planet. No one foresaw the unprecedented need for ventilators and PPE that has strained to the breaking point long established supply chains.

Webinar digital banner promoting the event

The importance of embracing the right mindset towards innovation can unlock huge potential. Read more from the recent Frost and Sullivan webinar.

Cows in field

With the world on lockdown, the team at CSIRO US are using this opportunity to catch up with some of their favorite CSIRO scientists all around the world. Meet Jon Spaits from CSIRO's Health and Biosecurity team.