Scientists from Australia's national science agency CSIRO and the University of California San Diego have engineered mosquitoes to be resistant to spreading the devastating Zika virus.


CSIRO US, the North American innovation center for CSIRO, Australia’s pre-eminent national science organization, today announced that Susan Lucas-Conwell, Executive Vice President, has been asked to speak at the Fourth Annual Global Corporate Venture & Innovation Summit on January 30-31st at The Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel & Spa in Monterey, California.

Dr Rob Grenfell, Director of the Health and Biosecurity CSIRO Business Unit, will be facilitating an interactive session on innovative, smarter and safer ways to improve healthcare and live at home longer at the Collaborative Innovation in Healthcare: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange.


The US team will be focused on the delivery of world-leading science and breakthrough innovation across various industries: from energy to space, environment to manufacturing, food and agriculture to health and biosecurity, and anywhere CSIRO's innovation can solve global challenges.


We’ve conquered the air with drones, but subterranean settings — from human-made tunnels, underground urban spaces, and natural cave networks — are often still inaccessible and dangerous to humans.


Voyager 2 is approximately 18 billion kilometres from Earth. Voyager mission scientists have been closely monitoring the spacecraft for signs that it has exited the 'heliosphere', a protective bubble created by our Sun as we move through our galaxy.


CSIRO, Australia’s pre-eminent national science organization, has today announced a partnership with San Francisco Bay Area-based ocean technology start-up Saildrone to radically improve measurement and monitoring in hard-to-access oceans starting in the Southern Hemisphere.

UC Davis Partnership

The five-year partnership marks the first major collaboration agreement with an American university for CSIRO.

Swinburne University partnership

CSIRO and Swinburne University of Technology have launched a new partnership in Silicon Valley as part of a strategic move to increase Australia-US research, innovation and commercialisation.