Susan Lucas-Conwell Named NACD Board Leadership Fellow

January 19th, 2019

CSIRO US, Australia's pre-eminent national science organization, today announced that Executive Vice President and head of North American operations, Susan Lucas-Conwell, has been named a Board Leadership Fellow by the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).

As the recognized authority in boardroom practices, NACD prepares board of director members to address current and emerging challenges while strengthening investor trust and public confidence.

Lucas-Conwell is recognized for establishing open innovation ecosystems and innovation cultures across multiple industries. She currently sits on the board of Women in Sports Technology, Inc.

“The NACD Fellowship enriches her contribution to CSIRO’s burgeoning community of spinouts and start-ups coming out of Australia and looking to grow in the US market,” said Nick Pagett, Acting Director CSIRO Global.

“Building upon my decades of leadership experience with international and domestic companies, the NACD Fellowship demonstrates to public and private boards I have the training to uphold, to the best of my ability, the highest standards of governance,” said Susan Lucas-Conwell. “Being part of the NACD community and leveraging their resources is vital to boards addressing the growing number of complex governance issues facing companies today.”

NACD provides over 20,000 directors with certification, training, research and resources. By achieving NACD Fellowship®, the highest standard of credentialing for corporate directors, Lucas-Conwell has demonstrated the commitment to uphold the highest standard of boardroom excellence.